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Right Choice Senior Living is a comprehensive full service, “one stop shop” resource specializing in the unique needs of the senior housing, assisted living, and elder care market. We are genuinely passionate and committed to serve seniors, families, facilities, and planners in selecting the optimal solutions that achieve their goals and objectives. Many of our services are absolutely FREE to you since we are compensated by our facility partners and care providers and we GUARANTEE that you will SAVE MONEY, TIME, and GAS when you decide to partner with Right Choice Senior Living.

In an effort to help families make informed decisions on the choices that are offered and presented, Right Choice Senior Living will forward the appropriate and pertinent information to the facility partners and care providers along with a request for direct contact.


The information offered on this site contains general and specific medical, financial, and legal content and is solely provided for informational, educational, and discussion purposes “only” and should not be used, relied upon, and/or interpreted as professional medical, financial, and/or legal advise, consultation, or recommendation. You should “always” consult a licensed medical professional, financial advisor, or attorney concerning your needs.

Under no circumstances do we endorse or render opinions on the quality of care of any facility partners or care providers listed on our site. You are highly encouraged to conduct your own due diligence and investigation for each facility partner and care provider to ensure that they can satisfy your individual and unique needs.

Certain facilities and providers may or may not be required to be licensed by various local, state, and federal agencies. If a provider fails to keep their local, state, and/or federal license (s) current, that facility and/or care provider shall be removed from our website. We do not regulate or monitor facility partners and care providers as to the manner in which they deliver and conduct their services.

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